Miniature Galloway Cattle in Australia

Attention First Time Livestock Owners & Hobby Farmers 

Miniature  Galloway cattle are fast proving themselves to be the ideal cattle for first time livestock owners, hobby farmers and commercial breeders alike. Their popularity has increased in recent years and with very good reason. Miniature cattle are popular because they are easier to handle, more environmentally friendly and they need less expensive infrastructure

Their compact size makes Miniature Galloway cattle easy on their environment and easy to handle. However, it is their docile nature and characteristic good looks that really makes White Galloways the stand out miniature breed. There are very few cattle as attractive in a paddock as a Miniature White Galloway.

Miniature Galloway Cattle are Ideal If You Also Want:

1. Non selective grazers   

2. Docile and like to be handled.   

3. Good mothers that calve unassisted   

4. An attractive addition to any property.  

5. Highly sort after by buyers & breeders.

Miniature  Galloway Cattle & First Time Livestock Owners & Hobby Farmers

Miniature Galloway cattle are often the first choice for first time livestock owners because they want  all of the above. They need cattle that are particularly docile, especially sweet natured and renown for their ease of calving. We hope this website will make it easy for first time livestock owners to find the Miniature Galloway that is just right for them.

Miniature Galloway Cattle 

Miniature Galloway cattle are also becoming the first choice of commercial breeders 'in the know'. With more and more people wanting White Galloways to populate small farms, Galloway breeders are now seriously committed to supplying that demand.

Buying Cattle

Buying your first miniature cattle is a big and often daunting step. Galloway breeders understand this and most Galloway breeders are willing to help you in any way that they can. What to look for... Read more

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Caring For Cattle

Caring for miniature Galloway cattle is easy. Galloway cattle are docile by nature and are much gentler on their environment than larger cattle. If you are a... Read more

Custom Plush


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Belted Galloway


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Stud: GOLD CREEK Galloways - Miniature Whites

Location: Eumundi 4562 Qld

Breeder: Pamela Robinson                          ~: Full Blood & Purebred White Steers For Sale in April 2014 Click to Contact Breeder :~


Five minutes from Eumundi, on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, at the foot of  Mount Eerwah, sits GOLD CREEK Galloway stud. Now running one of the larger herds of Miniature White Galloways in Australia, no one is more surprised than the breeder Pamela Robinson. What started out as a hobby with two little White Galloway steers for a bit of fun, has grown into a small stud, several popular websites and a genuine passion for breeding Miniature White Galloways. 

Pamela is very firm when she says, "Given a choice we would choose Miniature White Galloways time and time again. It has been our experience, that the Miniature Galloway is the most docile and affectionate in nature of all the different breeds of miniature cattle."

Miniature Galloways are perfect for people wanting beautiful cattle to show, docile cattle as paddock pets for families and great foragers for small acreage pasture management needs.

Galloway cattle are docile by nature and do not require a lot of maintenance. However, at the GOLD CREEK stud the cattle are handled every day. Pamela and her partner run several businesses from the property and welcome any opportunity to go outside and 'catch up' with the cows. It is this ongoing handling that makes the Miniature Galloways at this particular stud so docile and user friendly. These cattle are not just quiet, they are seriously  QUIET.


Coastal Livestock Management ~ Servicing the Sunshine Coast in Queensland


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If you live on the Sunshine Coast and you need help with vaccinating, marking, weaning, tagging, NLIS, dehorning, mustering ... you name it, the Coastal Livestock Management team can help.

Stu Goudge and Michelle Goudge cater for all your livestock managements needs and offer professional caring service, at reasonable rates. 

Contact: Stu Goudge:04 533 202  &  Michelle Goudge:0418 426 551   Email: 


Belted Galloways Shine at the Farming Small Areas Expo

Farming Small Areas Expo 2013 at Hawkesbury NSW in November. There were six exhibitors at the Small Breeds Expo over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of November and the Miniature Belted Galloways were well represented.


Expo 2013 at Hawkesbury NSW Interbreed Senior Female DMB Faith owned and exhibited by Dianne & Mark Burgess